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1.           Yearly membership is $50 if paid by member or $100 if member obtains a sponsor (see website for details).  If member is paying membership, first race can be paid as a daily ($10) to give you an opportunity to try out the event.  Balance ($40) of membership due at second and third races.


2.           Registration: Starts at 7:30am and closes at 9:00am. If you are not in line by 9:00am you will not be able to race for the day. Practice 9:00am - 9:45am.


3.           Drivers must be registered before any practice laps are driven.


4.           All waiver and release of liability forms must be signed and filled out completely in ink by the participant.


5.           Mandatory Driver's Meeting ATVs-Motorcycles 10:00 a.m. ALL RACERS MUST ATTEND!! Those riders not attending these meetings may be excluded from racing for that day.


6.           All riders under the age of 18 must have notarized release signed by both parents. Club will keep release on file and parents will be given card to present at sign up every week.


7.           No practice laps during or after track grooming.


8.           All scheduled events will be run without regard to sex of entrants.


9.           All race personnel, officials, racers mechanics, anyone associated with the racer or photographers shall not have consumed or be under the influence of any intoxicant, or drugs of any nature which could affect their normal mental or physical ability. Any such use may not only affect the safety of competition, but is deemed inconsistent with the concept of good sportsmanship and therefore an unpracticed detrimental to the sport of racing.


10.         Each rider is responsible for the actions of his or her family and pit crew. Unnecessary trouble caused by the rider's family or crew members that racer IS subject to disciplinary actions.


11.         All riders and other race personnel must assess for themselves the track facilities existing conditions, and other matters relating to safety. All riders and race personnel must rely on their own judgment and assume all risk of participating in competition in any matter.


12.         All entrants have three minutes from the time the starting line is set up as long as he rider requests for the three minute delay.


13.         All racers must participate in 70% per each individual class of held races to qualify for season points/award.


14.         No yearend awards/plaques/trophies will be given out unless 70% of the scheduled races are held.


15.         Each racer is responsible for a legal number plate for their vehicle on the front, rear and left side (WHITE PLATE WITH BLACK NUMBERS) or you will receive 0 points for that race. This Rule will be strongly enforced. If your plate is there but hard to read you may not be scored.


16.         Due to unsafe conditions, the club can change the race location, time permitting, as insurance company requires 48 hour notice when changing locations.


17.         Due to the lack of daylight or ice conditions, classes may have their first race considered as final. If there is less than 3 riders in a class the club has the right to cut laps of that class to save time. Decisions will be made by SWIRA board members.


18.         Speed limits will not exceed 5 mph within 15 feet of any person except during competition. The Board Members and DNR will enforce this rule and a $25.00 fine can be assessed.


19.         Appointed race referees have the right to be wrong. Referee's decisions may be appealed.


20.         Appeals process: A written appeal with a brief description of complaint must be filed to the applicable racetrack director within 15 minutes of completion of racing for the day. If an appeal is not filed within those 15 minutes the decision made by the race referee will be considered final. Person appealing must be in that event to appeal. The appeal will be reviewed by the applicable racetracks appeal board. Their decision is final. All decisions will be determined before any trophy/awards presentation.


21.         The referees have the authority to impose a maximum of one day race suspension and/or the ability to take points/money from a racer for that day. If the referee deems the offense to be severe enough, he may bring it to the attention of the appeals board for additional suspensions.


22.         The SWIRA may refuse entry to any rider who has not made good on outstanding debts to SWIRA.


23.         Entrants may be suspended from any individual event for breach of rules or conduct.


24.         Un-sportsman-like conduct as deemed by any race official may result in fines of $5.00 to $10.00 per offence and/or suspensions. Un-sports-man-like conduct may be defined as the following:

1. Competing under a false name

2. Knowingly engaging in any event that is fixed or pre-arranged

3. Giving or receiving any bribes

4. Conspiring with another person to cause any unfair advantage

5. Swearing or vulgar language/gestures directed at a race official or other drivers and aggressive touching of race officials or other drivers.

6. Any other illegal activities as mentioned elsewhere in the rules, or ones that do not promote good racing. All officials and racers are ethics.


25.         All officials and racers are subject to abide by all rules.


26.         Points are as follows: (100-85-75-70 and down in increments of 5) everyone that signs up and does not pull from the race event will at least receive 5 participation points for the day.


27.         In order to receive last place points for the day’s EVENT a rider must qualify for the final race, start the final race and complete 50% of the laps completed by the winner of that day’s EVENT. In order to qualify for a final race the rider must actually start the first race. You must push your bike/ATV to the line, if not running, to be considered starting the race. The EVENT is defined as both the heat and main together or both motos together. If you do not complete 50% of the laps but still start both races you will be awarded participation points that will equal half of last place points provided you completed 1 lap during the event. Once you qualify on a bike/ATV you must finish the day with the same bike/ATV.


28.         Pay distribution Pro Classes / Pro Payback at 80% of entry fee: Pro Payback increases to 120% with 10 or more entries.

1 through 5 = 2 2 places - 1st = 60%, 2nd = 40%

6 through 8 = 3 3 places - 1st = 50%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%

9 through 11 = 4 4 places - 1st = 40%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%, 4th = 10 %

  12 through 14 = 5 5 places - 1st = 35%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 20%, 4th = 15%, 5th = 5%

  15 through 17 = 6 6 places – 1st = 30%, 2nd =20%, 3rd =15%, 4th =10%, 5th = 8%,6th = 5%


Amateur classes, with the exception of the Stock Youth classes, are paid daily with class size determining pay out. Stock Youth classes will still be awarded trophies/plaques at the end of race day.


29.         In the event that the heat races become the final results and stop watch timing is used to determine positions, heats in un-studded classes are scored equally. Example: Both winners in two heats receive first place points for the event.


30.         Helmets and chest protectors must be worn at all times, except for loading and unloading machines.


31.         Class champion can be bumped at Board’s discretion.


32.         Age restricted classes: Rider must be at the minimum age at the start of event.


33.         The Board reserves the right at any event, announced or un-announced, to hire at the expense of SWIRA the current and past AMA District 16 track referee to measure and/or inspect any internal engine components to verify machine meets class structure and/or rules.  If machine is found to be legal, SWIRA will pay for gasket set for machine.  If machine is found to be illegal, reimbursement will not be provided for gasket set.  Member and/or participant may choose to refuse inspection and/or motor teardown.  If machine found illegal or upon refusal, member and/or participant will lose any and all points for that day’s event and will be subject to suspension from any and all future SWIRA events until corrective measures are accepted by the SWIRA board.


34.         Definition of “production” for production classes:  Stock frame and ATV engine cases from the original manufacturer of that make and model must be used. OEM frame may have material added for strength.  These changes shall not affect frame geometry.  Only bolt on components allowed.





1. Receive credit for the next race

2. Refunds can be given up until driver’s meeting is complete





1.           Any race stopped with less than 2 full laps completed will require a complete restart in the original position. NOTE: if a rider was on the penalty line originally, he will start in the same position on the penalty line. A race may be stopped when two or more riders fall in the first lap or when in the opinion of the referee, conditions exists which endanger the lives of spectators or participants. The rider who causes the restart will be penalized. Races that are stopped with 2 full laps completed will start in a single file line up according to the last lap completed with the penalties lined up according to rule. REF HAS THE FINAL SAY!


2.           If a race was stopped because riders were down, the first rider down is placed last in the restart, with the last rider down behind the last rider who did not fall. If for any reason a rider does not complete the red-flagged lap, he too will be placed in the rear of the restart in a position respective of his stoppage. If the race is called complete the riders will be scored in the position in which they would have restarted.


3.           Any rider who for any reason seems to be the primary cause of the race being stopped may be required to restart from the penalty line.


4.           In case it is a necessity, in the discretion of the referee, to stop an event after laps equal to at least 60% of the total distance have been run, the race may be considered completed and the riders shall be scored according to their circumstances as stated above, if the race is stopped at any point short of the lap equal to 60% of the distance of the race it will be considered no race. If an event, in the discretion of the referee is resumed, the riders shall be started single file in the position they held one lap before the race was stopped.


5.           If during the course of the race, a rider stops for any reason whatsoever, he must re-start without any outside assistance. If assistance is needed to remove machine out of race path do to blocking of the course and/or an endanger to other riders, he may be assisted or his machine pushed to the side of the course. Any attempt to assist other than this will entail immediate disqualification for the rider assisted.


6.           Any rider leaving the track must return to the course from the point where they left the track. Penalty for failure to do so will be docking the rider a minimum of one finishing position for that race.


7.           No rider shall at any time ride in such a manner which endangers the safety of other riders, officials, or the public, and when in violation of this rule shall be subject to immediate disqualification for that days meet by the referee.


8.           A rider entering or leaving the pits must use the designed entrance and exit lanes, failure to do so may result in disqualification.


9.           A rider whose machine is disabled before he reaches the finish line may, by his own unaided muscular energy push or carry his machine (in the direction of the track) across the finish line to receive the checkered flag, and under such conditions will be considered as having completed the event, provided he has completed 50% of the laps completed by the winner of the event.


10.         Flags are as follows: GREEN: Start the race; WHITE: One lap to go to finish; YELLOW: All racers will exercise caution until they have passed the incident which caused the flag to be displayed, failure to do so may result in disqualification from the days event; BLACK: Disqualification of individual rider; report to referee at once; CHECKERED: Finish of race; RED: Stopping of race for an emergency situation.


11.         Practice or warm-up laps shall be limited to the designated race course. Racers riding outside of these boundaries if caught will be excluded from the meet and possibly ticketed by the DNR.


12.         The referee shall have the power to disqualify any motorcycle/ATV that does not conform to SWIRA event. A machine which passes a pre-race inspection is subject to further inspection and /or protest at any time during the race program.  Official rule is final.


13.         All class rules are stated clearly. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you are caught cheating you will forfeit all points you have accumulated that day in that class. Violators will not be allowed to race that class that day.


14.         Competition apparel: It is the sole responsibility of the rider to select a helmet and apparel which will provide appropriate protection. The rider must rely on his own judgment in the selection of any helmet and apparel for durability and safety. A helmet must be worn in all competition. All helmets must be full coverage or full facial units. It is recommended that helmets: meet Snell 75 Memorial Foundation standards. Boots must be worn in all meets. They shall be a minimum of 8 inches high with either laces, buckles or zippers, especially designed and constructed for leg and foot protection.  All riders MUST have (this is mandatory):  helmet, eye protection, chest protection, gloves and boots over the ankles. 


15.         No nitrous oxide will be allowed to be run.


16.         No radio communication with riders during races.


17.         All ATV/bikes must have a functional muffler. ATV/bikes considered by the board to be excessively loud will be given one week to repack, modify or install a turn-down end. Exit to exhaust on all 4 strokes with aftermarket exhaust must have turndowns installed.


18.         ATVs MUST have (this is mandatory): nerf bars, working tether switch, safe body plastic, if studded they must be AMA legal screws (3/16” maximum - no major alterations).


19.         Motorcycles: (1) All bikes must have front and rear fenders (2) Studs must be AMA approved. Can be sharpened but not modified. Slots cannot be widened. Officials make final decision. (3) Kill switches must be in working order (4) No pit racing! 5mph maximum you will be disqualified (5) 2 people must go down on the first lap to constitute a restart. Accidents that occur during the race involving 2 or more can be red flagged and restarted single file in the order of the lap previous the accident or called depending on time remaining Officials discretion. (6) Officials decision is final! This includes disciplinary actions, (7) Required plates: White plates with black numbers.


20.         If a rider doesn't make it to the line by the time the light turns green, he will be considered a DNS (did not start) and will not be eligible for points for that class, that event.


21.         All bikes/ATVs are subject to tech inspection before practice.

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